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What is Podchaser?
Does Podchaser have an app?
Does Podchaser have an app?

Is there a Podchaser app in the app store?

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No...but also, yes.

Podchaser does not have a native app available in the app store, but you can install our Progressive Web App from your mobile or desktop browser for a very app-like experience.

Why Podchaser doesn't have a native app?

This is actually by design. Podchaser is made to be a website, not an app. As a website, we can ensure Podchaser works on any device and on any platform. Because we know many people like to listen to podcasts from their smartphones, we've made Podchaser super mobile-friendly.

We also aren't looking to compete with the awesome podcast players out there already. In our minds, we'd rather listeners get to pick their favorite app and then sync their Podchaser profile with that app. We're working on this and can't wait to update you when things start rolling out. In the meantime, you can vote for the apps you want us to integrate with over on our Integrations page.

Does Podchaser have plans to build a native app?

Not at the moment, but as many users often request an app experience, we may look to add it to our roadmap. ๐Ÿค”

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