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What are the differences between User, Creator, and Podcast Pages?
What are the differences between User, Creator, and Podcast Pages?
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There are three kinds of pages on Podchaser: user accounts, podcast pages, and creator profiles. You can have them all, (and you only need on account!).

User Profiles

User profiles are how you interact with the site. When you sign up for Podchaser you automatically get a user profile. This page shows your personal activity as a Podchaser user and listener — including your ratings, reviews, lists, follows, and more. Your activity here will affect what information gets displayed on your personal feed.

Other users can follow your user profile to see your activity in their feed (you can control the privacy of this information via the settings menu).

Your user profile should be your personal account rather than a podcast or group. From your user account, you can claim your creator and podcast pages (if applicable).

To view or edit your profile, click your picture in the navigation bar and select "my profile" from the drop down menu.

Creator Profiles

Creator profiles are the professional podcasting presence for anyone who contributes to a podcast, such as hosts, guests, voice actors, producers, etc. They are specific to a single person and display the creators name, social media links, and a short bio, while also tracking podcast appearances. Podchaser users can follow them to receive updates on new appearances.

You can add a new creator (such as yourself and anyone else who contributes to your show) by clicking on the creators tab, and then selecting "Add New Creator." (see our help article!)

Claim a creator profile

If someone has already built you a creator profile, you can claim it by visiting the page and clicking the "is this you" button. Once claimed, you'll be able to edit the profile's information. This will also link your user profile to your creator profile with a link card on your user profile.

Currently you cannot merge user and creator profiles into one because of the different purposes for the profiles. We chose to keep these as separate pages because some of the podcast creators on Podchaser prefer to keep their personal ratings, reviews, etc private. We’re looking at better ways to link the two profiles and better explain the difference between the profiles as we continue to improve your experience on Podchaser.

Podcast Pages

Podcast pages are automatically generated pages for shows. These pages allow you to browse episodes, listen, follow, leave ratings & reviews, add credits, and more. Users who follow this page will get updates in their feed.

Accessing Features through Claiming

Podchaser's database of podcasts is pulled from publicly available RSS feeds. If your podcast is already on Podchaser, you can claim it with your user account by visiting the page and clicking the "claim" button at the bottom right side of the page. This will allow you to create a custom url, add links, add a merch section, put your podcast into new categories, get a Podchaser badge for your website, and more.

Need to Add a Podcast?

No problem. If your podcast has not yet been added to Podchaser, you can add it by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner, selecting "Add a Podcast," and pasting the RSS feed address, Apple Podcasts link, or Spotify link into the box that appears. Or, go to

See our article about adding a podcast from Apple Podcasts.

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