The perks of using Podchaser

How can Podchaser benefit me and my podcast?

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By adding your creator profile and claiming your podcast on Podchaser, you'll unlock a slew of resources to help build your personal brand and grow listenership for your podcast. Here are just a few ways you can benefit...

  • Collect ratings and reviews for your podcast and individual episodes of your podcast for valuable listener feedback and discoverability. Accumulate ratings to see your podcast rise in the ranks of Podchaser's trending podcasts and episodes. Ask your listeners to 'Rate and review on Podchaser'!

  • Share your creator profile to give potential listeners a great way to discover all of the podcasts you help create.

  • Give your listeners a platform-agnostic way to share your podcast. Podchaser links can be opened on any device and give your listeners an easy way to listen to your podcast using their preferred listening platform. Assign your podcast a unique Vanity URL in your podcast's settings for easy sharing!

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