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Creating a list
Creating a list

What tools does Podchaser have to help me organize lists?

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Create lists to organize, share, and annotate lists of podcasts or episodes. Podchaser lists are a powerful new way to organize, share, and annotate lists. You can use lists to promote your show.

Create a unique list with content you love, give it a custom title and description, separate it into sections, and even add notes for each item!

Create a list

To make your very own list, follow the steps below:

  1. You can start creating a list by clicking here.

  2. Click on the "Start Creating" button:

Tip: You can also access and create lists by clicking the drop down button next to your profile image, hover to My Activity, then select Lists.

3. To make a list of podcasts, select "Podcast" or to make a list of podcast episodes, select "Episode." Then click "Continue."

4. Type the title of the list you are creating then click "Continue."

5. Select whether you want your list to be public, private, or link only, then click "Continue."

6. Add an introduction text (optional).

7. Click on "Create list" button when done.

8. Starting adding a section or podcast on the list:

Annotate podcast

You can annotate podcast in your list by adding notes to it.

Promoting and sharing lists

Lists are a great way to promote your podcast. For example, you can create a list of similar content you know your listeners will love, and don't forget to include your podcast too! If you make your list public, users who are following you can see the lists that you create in their feed, and others will be able to find your list in Podchaser's search. You can also share your list on social media.

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