Using Podchaser's API

Does Podchaser have a public API?

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Podchaser's API is available to anyone. You can get started today for free.
You can use Podchaser API to access data fields and engagement features from our comprehensive podcast database built specifically to drive discovery for listeners, podcasters, and brands.

Getting started

You can start using the Podchaser API for free by using visiting your API settings page. You can visit this link or simply go to your account settings page and clicking the "API" tab.

Upgrading to higher tiers

If you want access to more information available in our Plus and Pro tiers, you can request an upgrade from your API settings page (linked above). Once there, register your app and then click the "Upgrade" button on the "App Credentials" page. A form will pop up, where you can select your reason for upgrading. After submitting the form, a Podchaser representative will follow up with you to help assist your upgrade.

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