Tired of getting notifications? Unfollowing is as easy as following. Just navigate to the podcast, creator, or user page in question and use one click to unfollow.

Unfollowing a creator

Click the follow button to unfollow a creator. If you are currently following a creator, the follow button will be green and say the creator's name. Once you have clicked it, the button will turn red.

Unfollowing a podcast

To unfollow a podcast, navigate to the podcast page, and click the follow button. When following a podcast, the button is green and says Following Podcast. Youʻll note that it changes to Unfollow Podcast when you hover your mouse. Clicking once will turn it red, and you will no longer be following the podcast.

Unfollowing a user

To unfollow a user, navigate to their user page and click the follow button. While following a user, the button stays green, but once you click it, it will return to red and you will no longer be following them.

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