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What is Podchaser?
What is Podcast Taxonomy?
What is Podcast Taxonomy?

I have an idea for a podcast creator role. Can I contribute to Podcast Taxonomy?

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What is Podcast Taxonomy?

Podcast Taxonomy is an international, multidisciplinary collaborative standard for recognizing roles and credits in podcast production. It consists of a list of roles and credits and their description. It's organized by Podchaser and Staff Me Up, with about 40 other partners from the podcast industry.

What is the purpose of Podcast Taxonomy?

These partners are working to create a standard set of roles in podcast creation, such as creator, host, guest, and producer. Creating this standard will help creators apply for positions and professionalize the podcasting industry. You can read more about this in the White Paper report. This group is accepting live feedback from podcasters like you to propose additions to this standard for other podcast creator positions. We've added some of these suggestions as options when you're selecting a role for a podcast credit, including announcer, co-host, guest host, narrator, reporter, voice actor, associate producer, lighting designer, composer, audio engineer, and so many more!

Can I contribute to Podcast Taxonomy?

We would love your thoughts. Send your ideas to [email protected] or you can get involved with Podcast Taxonomy.
​Add an issue in Github to share your idea for Podcast Taxonomy.


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