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Generating a Podchaser badge for your podcast
Generating a Podchaser badge for your podcast

How do I get a badge for my podcast? Will a badge show my podcasts latest reviews?

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Once you have claimed your podcast in Podchaser, you can generate a badge which you can embed in your website to show off your latest podcast reviews.
Follow the steps below to generate the badge code:

  1. Click on your "user profile" avatar at the top right hand corner.

  2. From the drop-down menu, click on "My Podcasts."

  3. Click on the settings wheel icon to access the "Manage Podcast" page.

  4. Go to the "Marketing" tab.

  5. You can change the looks of your badge by toggling the different customization settings:

  6. Once done, copy the HTML code under the "Generate Badge" section and paste it to your website's HTML page template.

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