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How to listen to podcasts on Mac OS computer
How to listen to podcasts on Mac OS computer

Discover, play, and share podcast episodes from your Apple computer

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You can use Podchaser to listen to podcast episodes from any computer with a web browser. This article will walk you through how to listen to a podcast from a computer using the Mac OS operating system.

Listen to podcast shows on a Mac OS computer

  1. Open your web browser (Ex: Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc)

  2. Visit Podchaser by typing in the address bar and hitting enter

  3. Use Podchaser to search and browse podcasts to find the one you want to listen to

  4. Tap the play button on any podcast or episode to start playing through your computer speakers or connected headphones

Use the playback controls

  • To pause playback, tap the pause button. Tap the play button to resume play.

  • To fast forward or rewind through an episode, tap the forward or back buttons.

  • To move to a specific time of the episode, click the player timeline to the desired timestamp.

  • To adjust playback speed, tap the plus or minus buttons on the player.

  • To stop playback and close the player, tap the X button.

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