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What is brand safety? How can we utilize it?
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What is Brand Safety?

Brand Safety refers to a score that assists brands in evaluating whether a podcast's content aligns with their desired image. As brands strive to protect their reputation and maintain a positive image, it is crucial to ensure that their advertisements and sponsored messages are not associated with potentially harmful or undesirable content. With the vast array of content available online, achieving brand safety can be a challenge.

How do we calculate Brand Safety?

To calculate the Brand Safety score, we employ an advanced algorithm that analyzes podcast transcripts. The algorithm scans through podcast episodes, identifying the repeated use of specific keywords and phrases. By quantifying the frequency of these terms, the algorithm generates a safety score. This score provides a quantitative measure of how compatible a podcast's content is with a brand's desired image.

Understanding the Different Categories

Brand Safety covers various categories that help identify potential content concerns, such as:

  • Adult Content: Episodes with content that may be too spicy for some, from explicit scenes to educational talks about sexuality.

  • Criminal Activity: Episodes discussing or describing criminal acts, from the serious stuff to talks about preventing crime.

  • Drugs: Episodes discussing illegal drugs or substance misuse, from promoting misuse to chats about drug effects and rehab.

  • Graphic Content: Episodes describing violence, injuries, or war, from gory scenes to chats about conflict resolution.

  • Political: Episodes discussing politics, from promoting partisan views to chats about political issues.

  • Profanity: Episodes with strong language, from unnecessary cursing to language used in certain cultural or artistic contexts.

  • Toxic: Episodes that feature insulting, demeaning, or offensive language or behavior, often targeted at specific individuals or groups, which can be harmful and create a negative environment.

  • Weapons: Episodes where weapons take center stage, from illegal activities to chats about weapon safety and laws.

Each category represents a specific type of content that may not be aligned with a brand's values. By categorizing a podcast’s content, brands gain greater control over the context in which their ads appear! Pretty nifty, right?

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