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What are podcast tags? How do I tag a podcast?

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Podcast tags are descriptive names or words that describe a show. These labels help classify and give more information about the topics, main ideas, and subjects of a podcast.
Podcast tags are very important for categorization, show classification as well as discovery optimization while browsing or searching on the platform. They allow users to find content that fits their interests, improve search results but also attract new listenership. Furthermore, they contribute towards accurate podcast recommendations which lets users discover other similar shows and Podchaser engagement increases.

How to Tag a Podcast

  1. From the podcast page, scroll down below until you see the Podcast Tags tab. Click Add Tags.

2. You'll be directed to a window where you can either add a rating or write a tag for the show. Be sure to select the 'Tags' option.

3. Click Save. Now you're all good!


If you are unable to see the Podcast Tags tab, you can go to Reviews tab instead. Just click "Add a Review" and you'll be able to select Tags from there. You can refer to the video below.

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