Demographics and Reach

What are demographics and reach? What do these insights really mean?

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You’ve got access to insights, hurray! 🎉

Now, the bigger question: What does all this mean? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let's break it down:

Power Score

One of Podchaser’s unique insights is what we like to call the Power Score. This is a number that you can find on the site that represents the current most popular podcasts! We have partnered with several of the top podcasting listening apps to analyze anonymized downloads, listens, subscriptions, and play-through rates across millions of devices globally. We take this sample size to inform our insights!

Monthly Listens and Estimated New Episode Listens

Podchaser also keeps track of how many listens episodes of podcasts get as they come out. Downloads, subscribers, and monthly and new episode listens both factor into how we calculate Power Score, these three are like Podchaser’s own dream team!


Podchaser receives reported audience data points that factor into how we calculate our demographics. Things like the show’s topic and geographic location as well as several other factors are all analyzed and calculated behind the scenes to compile the demographics section of our Insights tab! We focus on what’s called predictive demographics, utilizing all the data we get in order to properly predict what groups are more likely to be listening to certain shows. Demographic statistics are immensely valuable, especially when it comes to guest and ad placement on podcasts; these are the numbers that help sponsors know which shows to advertise on to ensure they’re getting in front of the audience they want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are some insights hidden with an ‘outlier’ banner?

A: The outlier banner is a disclaimer banner meant to notify users that some of the reported numbers we’ve gathered on this show look a bit different than what we were expecting based on our calculations. It could very well mean that the numbers are accurate, just unexpected!

Q: Why is the number of new episode listens higher than monthly listens?

A: We have an answer! To keep it short and sweet, it’s because our monthly listens statistic is an average compiled over time, if there’s been a recent uptick in listener activity or reach in a recent episode that went certifiably viral, it could take some time for the monthly listens number reflects that bump. See more here!

Q: What if there are no predictive demographics listed on a show?

A: If for any reason we do not have demographics for a podcast, we’ll show similar calculations based upon several other factors to get the closest possible estimates. By looking at similar podcasts’ demographic calculations, we can provide relevant and valuable data either way!

Q: Why is the episode reach showing as “not available”?

A: This can occur due to several factors when we have limited data. One of the main reasons is that when a podcast has been inactive for quite some time, making it difficult for us to determine the reach of a new episode release.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns?

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