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How do the charts work?

Podchaser provides a platform to explore podcast charts from Apple Podcasts and Spotify, allowing you to view the top-ranking podcasts by platform, country, and category. Presently, Podchaser displays the top 200 shows as ranked by Apple Podcasts in most categories, and also allows you to browse the top 50 podcasts by category according to Spotify's charts.

Ways to browse the charts on Podchaser

Are you ready to dive into the world of podcast charts? Look no further! Our brand-new Chart discovery page is your go-to destination for exploring a wide range of charts from both Apple and Spotify. What can you expect?

  1. Variety: Discover charts spanning different genres, regions, and categories.

  2. Easy Navigation: Use the hub as a launchpad to explore specific charts that pique your interest.

  3. Stay Updated: We keep the charts fresh by updating them regularly.

Chart Browse

Just like our awesome podcast browse pages, we’re rolling out a Charts Browse Page that’s all about unlocking the magic of specific podcast charts. Here’s the lowdown:

Searching and understanding the charts

  1. Selecting: Customize your view by selecting your preferred platform, country, and category.

  2. Ticker Arrows: Keep an eye on those day-to-day shifts! Our trusty ticker arrows will point out any position changes. These ticker arrows will tell you how many places that particular podcast has recently moved on the charts. Chart rankings that have not moved in position will be reflected with a "-", showing that their place is static. Meanwhile, the arrows will point to whether they moved up or down.

  3. New Discoveries: The New icon indicates a show that has only recently launched and is climbing the charts already.

  4. Table View: Dive into the data! Our charts are laid out in a neat table format, so you can easily compare podcast ranks right alongside Podchaser’s unique insights.

  5. Pro Perks: While all users will have access to current charts, Pro users get an extra treat—they can explore historical charts using a handy date selector!

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