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Adding additional links to your podcast page
Adding additional links to your podcast page

Help your listeners connect with your social media and websites.

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When you claim your podcast, you can add custom website links and social media to your podcast page!

Make sure you're logged in, and click on your account image in the top right corner. Then select "My Podcasts" from the dropdown menu.

From the "My Podcasts" page, open your Podcast Settings by clicking the settings wheel.

Locate the Social Links section on the "General Settings" tab. To add a Facebook or Twitter account, paste the key phrase of the account url into the box provided.

Tip: This is the part that comes after

Then click Save Social Links.

To add a website link to your podcast, locate the "Additional Links" section on your General Settings tab. Click "Add A Link."

Click the the "Title" field and type the title of the link you're about to add.

Then, paste the full URL of the link into the URL field. When you're finished, click "Add Link" to save. Your new link should now be showing on your podcast page!

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