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What is Airchecks? How do Airchecks work? How do we find Airchecks?

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Airchecks are exactly what they sound like - a way to check-in on what has aired. In this context, we’re specifically talking about ads. Our new aircheck feature will give Podchaser Pro users a way to discover, listen to, and learn more about the ads running on their favorite podcasts every day.

How do Airchecks work?

  • Aircheck cards will be available on our brand page's episode tabs. They will help users filter and sort airchecks with the use of episode sorts and filters to find the most relevant ads to their needs.

  • Each aircheck card will contain information about the ad, the episode it aired on (including name and podcast), the episode's description, key credits, ad type, length, and air date. Users can read through an ad snippet or listen to a cache audio of the observed ad, which includes roughly 2 minutes of audio before the ad start time, the ad itself, and 1 minute of audio after the ad.

  • Quick action items on the aircheck card will allow users to add episodes to episode lists right from the brand episode page. The cached audio only plays a few minutes out of respect to podcasters and their ownership of their content.

  • It can take up to 10 minutes for an airchecks audio clip to generate, so there may be a slight delay (maximum of 10 minutes) between when a snippet appears & when it's audio becomes available.

  • Please take note that due to Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), the ad snippets we have may not match to the ones users hear in their personal players. This means that every episode can vary depending on the listener's location.

How do we find Airchecks?

A machine learning algorithm combs through episode audio listening for keywords and looking for patterns in the audio waveform. When the system detects a potential ad, it signals our highly trained moderation team to review it. Once a snippet has been confirmed as an ad, we collect that snippet, a cached chunk of audio, and various data points such as the placement, length, observed date, and episode aired date. This information is then sent to our Brand pages for users to access.

How do I gain access to Airchecks?

You can sign up to Podchaser Pro and grab the sponsors package so that you can gain access to all of our brand & sponsorship data! Existing Pro users can reach out to their dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) for further assistance.

Flagging Airchecks for Review

Airchecks are now in beta and we need your help to make our detection AI even better. You can learn how to accurately flag airchecks for review here.

Have more questions?

For any questions or additional concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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