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Flag an aircheck for review
Flag an aircheck for review

When should airchecks be flagged for review?

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An aircheck should be flagged for review if/when any of the following situations occur:

  • Some parts of the snippet are missing in the transcript. If the written transcript of the ad lacks the beginning, middle, or end, it's a reason to mark it for review.

  • If the cache audio is off. This could involve the audio not playing the ad, playing audio from a different ad, or the audio being cut off before the ad concludes. If the audio doesn't include the ad content or doesn't start playing the ad automatically when clicked initially, it should be marked for review.

  • If the ad is placed on the wrong brand page. Sometimes our wires get crossed and an ad from the same episode for a different brand ends up on the wrong page. If such a mix-up occurs, it's a reason to mark it for review.

We will also launch a "flag this brand for review" link, if users notice a ton of issues with one brands airchecks. The guidelines are the same as above but this one is widespread. If that happens, you should flag the brand for review.

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