What is a credit?

How can be acknowledged for my podcasting experience?

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Podchaser is the home of podcast credits, but what exactly is a credit?

What is a credit?

Simply put, a credit is a way of recognizing a person's contribution to a podcast. It works very similar to credits on a TV or film. For each episode, a person can be "credited" with a role. For example, Ira Glass has been credited as the host of hundreds of This American Life episodes.
There are many different roles that someone can be credited with, including host, guest, producer, and voice actor. Roles available on Podchaser come from Podcast Taxonomy, an industry-wide initiative to use a common dataset that we helped found.

How do credits work on Podchaser

Credits are associated with a creator profile on Podchaser. You can think of it like a living resume that grows with the person to document all of their credits. On all podcast and episode pages, you'll see each person who has a credit attached to that podcast or episode. You can click on that person's creator profile to view a list of all of their credits as well.
Credits are searchable and make it easy to track your favorite people as they're involved in new podcasts.
Anyone can add credits to a creator profile. All submissions go through moderation to ensure accuracy.


Why credits matter

Credits lend legitimacy to podcasts. Accurately credit your show so that listeners can get to know the creators behind their favorite podcasts. Having credits also boosts your podcast's discoverability, so everyone wins!

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